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28 October 2010


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Jeff, I totally agree with your comments about branding. Branding helps large corporations, (like my former employer; Procter & Gamble) use their massive media budgets much more efficiently. But for smaller nonprofits and businesses, the cost of trying to create a memorable brand image typically excede the revenue gains by a wide margin.

Ha ha, laughing out loud! Have first hand experience of almost all of these frights! Couldn't agree more!

Cute concept for a blogpost, but do you have any evidence to backup your assertation about brand experts? What about the times when branding (and marketing and PR) SUPPORT fundraising efforts? How can you have a remarkable fundraising event, social media presence, or excellent website with donation info without these things?

I have the same question as Ciara; what is your source for your claim that strong branding results in an up to 50% drop in contributed revenues?

Agree with Ciara. And also agree with your point that it's time to talk WITH donors, not at them - which is why your comments suggest a narrow understanding of branding and the power it can have on social change. Branding today isn't about a slick logo and fancy video; it's about what you stand for in the mind of your donors. It's your message, image and most importantly, experience - how you engage your donors today to build relationships, win loyalty and inspire action.

Source for claim that branding experts hurt fundraising results: first-hand personal experience. Many times. Every time these guys to their thing, revenue drops.

Please note that I'm not talking about branding as the problem, but about the version of branding that the "experts" foist on us.

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