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04 October 2012


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I agree with everything that has been said in this post.

I ignore the majority of emails that come into my personal inbox because of the sheer volunme of them. However, as a regular giver to several different charities, I always take the time to read the email updates they send me. Unfortunately, almost all of these email updates are a plea for more money. What I really want to hear about it what the Charity has been doing. Recent news, any changes to their structure and governance, new appointments etc. By choosing to donate to the Charity I have expressed my interest in them, therefore I obviously want to hear what they have been doing.

One of the charities I support does not send out regular updates, and what happens exactly as mentioned in the article - I forget they exist. If I chose to do a charitable event or make an extra donation etc. they will therefore be the last ones on my mind.

However, working in the field of communications for a charity (The Air Ambulance Service) I can see the other side of the coin. I'm always suprised for find journalists continually interested in my press releases - but then this is because they do not live and breathe the organisation as I do.

In summary - I think it's better to bother donors with too much communication than not enough. They may delete the email without reading it - but at least they've been reminded of your organisation.

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