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13 December 2013


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You have to wonder though if social media allows NP's to spread their mission to people they would not be able to otherwise.

Maybe it does turn people into slacktivists, but I would argue that in the end it has a positive role.

Guilty as charged about "as many non-montary contacts as possible." Back to the lab.

The last section of the report doesn't quite say that, it says token support depresses gifts from individuals who's don't see values alignment.

Individuals who show alignment with the values of cause of an organization are more likely to give after they have completed an act of public "token support" such as liking a page on Facebook. Without that values alignment, individuals were less likely.

So it's not across the board "less likely" just in certain situations.

Then the question becomes how do you create value alignment with your social audience.

How would you test this as suggested by Jeff Brooks?

Interesting, but would also like to see this study controlled within age/income bands. The bulk of social media users still occupy the cohorts with the lowest levels of discretionary income. Could that skew the conclusions?

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